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About Dongtai

     "Dongtai Machinery, the quality of excellence" Shandong Dongtai Jinan filling machine company is a professional engaged in filling machinery manufacturing and sales of specialized filling machine enterprises. For many years has been committed to the edible oil filling machine, peanut oil filling machine, olive oil filling machine, lubricating oil filling machine, liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, filling machine, such as the development, production and sales.

    2005 Shandong Ji'nan founded Ji'nan Dongtai Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd., adhering to the "technology first, safety first" principle. 2007 in Wuhan, Hubei was established directly under the company, sales and after-sales service more in place, to provide customers with a more powerful guarantee. Shenyang set up a branch in 2010, and the company acquired a number of edible oil filling machine, packaging machine patented technology. January 2014 Chengdu Branch officially set up investment operation.

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Certificate of honor

CE certificate
CE Certificate
ISO9001 Certificate
Multi-head and Multi-pump Oil Filling Patent
Multi pump oil filling patent
Anti-dripping Seal Filling Heads Patent
Leakproof seal filling head patent
Liquid Filling Machine Patent
Liquid filling machine patent
Oil Filling Machine Patent
Oil filling machine patent
Vacuum Anti-dripping Filling Head Patent
Vacuum suction drip filling head patent

Professional edible oil filling production line manufacturing
Multi-head and Multi-pump filling patented technology Advantages
Control, support for a variety of personalized settings.
Production efficiency is high, each head has an independent power system, can be filled at full speed.
Edible oil filling accuracy is more accurate and stable. The advantage of eliminating the interference of multiple systems.
Professional design and installation team
Filling line installation
According to the different needs of customers tailoredFilling machine in the design ideas are usually more flexible, Dongtai filling machine nonstandard customized business can be tailored to the different needs of customers. We welcome customers come to discuss cooperation!
Excellent after-sales service systemCompanies in Wuhan, Ji'nan, Shenyang, Chengdu branch, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, a contact point. Responsible for the installation and commissioning of the nearest equipment and maintenance work, to ensure that your problem is the most timely solution.
Solve problems in time
High-quality accessories
Easy to maintainDongtai Machinery according to the requirements of each customer, to the equipment manufacturing and commissioning in cycle time are shorter than the counterparts, and And the cost is cheap, easy to maintain. So as to win acceptance of the market.
Professional filling equipment manufacturers
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